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Marion Maréchal-Le Pen: Recognition of Kosovo - big mistake



Dear Miss Le Pen, you and your party, the National front, have achieved excellent results in the last regional elections in France. However, in the second round, the two largest parties, which are actually rivals, have rallied against you. They also rallied against you the official political class of France, as well as the media. Could you tell us why are they trying so hard to disqualify the National front politically, to demonize, not only in France but in the EU too and elsewhere?

There are victories that embarrass the winners. This was the case in the regional elections. A large coalition of leftist parties and the right as well as a great media offensive have prevented us from winning in regions where we had the majority in numbers. They want to retain their privileges and probably their patronage at all costs, including the price of their political coherence. Moreover, they fear above all that we can prove our ability to do better than them, as we currently do in our town councils. They would then lose the last argument that remains: fear and defamation.

However, the scores recorded by our lists, thanks to the very significant increase in the number of voters in the second round, allow us to become the first opposition force in most of the regional councils of France and the strength of a structured proposal through elected groups. Important: we have never had so many regional advisers, we are now present in all the French Assemblies and we have made the left parties disappear and, in particular, the government party in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of Marine Le Pen and in the region of the Provence Alpes Côtes d'Azur where I was the candidate.

Their alliances show a new divide in France which is no longer between the right and the left, but a rift between globalists and the patriots fighting for sovereignity. The ideological background of our falsely rival adversaries is the same: Cult of European Federalism, abandoning national sovereignty, Atlanticism, primacy of the economy over politics, destruction of traditional cells such as the family, the total opening of borders. The National front is the only movement that denounces this sham, which is why the system is marginalizing us. But the French are aware of this deception. I also note that this anti-National propaganda is difficult to transcend borders because our movement enjoys a wealth of sympathy in many countries, whether in Africa, in the middle east, in Eastern Europe, in particular in Russia or your home in Serbia. Because these states, often francophiles, realize how much a strong and sovereign France would be an indispensable partner in defending a balanced multipolar world that respects national wealth.

What do you think of the arrival of a large number of migrants in Europe from the near east, Afghanistan and Africa? What are the dangers to the identity and security of the peoples of Europe? How do you explain the strange, even incomprehensible relationship of EU leaders, especially German, to these dangerous demographic trends, where we do not even take basic measures to control migrants....

The European continent is faced with a real migratory wave with over 1.25 million asylum applications last year. Of course, some individuals are fleeing a dramatic situation, but many migrants seeking refuge in Europe come for economic and family reasons, which is incompatible with asylum, and arrive from countries that are not at war. These abuses are facilitated by an increasingly permissive reception system and on which national laws are required. The peoples of Europe are thus destabilized in their lives in the face of the arrival of populations with radically different cultures and lifestyles. Moreover, in these columns of migrants are infiltrated Islamist terrorists: two jihadist from the stade de France were turned into two asylum seekers who sought hospitality on our continent. The French intelligence services are convinced that several sleeper cells in the Islamic State, which come from the craft of migrants, are ready to take action. However, the meagre controls imposed by Brussels are totally ineffective. The leaders of the European Union are willing to sacrifice the security and identity of the peoples in the name of a. Germany, which has opened up the floodgates to mass immigration, suffers from an ageing population unable to ensure the renewal of generations. So Angela Merkel considers these migrants, for most men in the force of age, as a boon to reviving growth and allowing the demographic balance, which is indispensable for a power that wants to remain the economic engine of Europe. It is forgetting that people are not interchangeable. However, the Germans pay the price of this policy: the violence perpetrated by Muslims of the Muslim faith, in the example of collective rapes on German people, overthrew public opinion that became aware of the dangers of uncontrolled immigration. Germany now seeks to impose on its European partners, through the distribution quotas, a migration policy that quickly turned to the fiasco. By refusing to submit to the Brussels and Berlin Directives, the leaders of the Eastern European countries, I think, in particular, Hungary and Slovenia, show the way forward for the other European countries: the closure of the The Balkans, despite Angela Merkel, is essential to stop this migratory hemorrhage.
The leaders of the Eastern European States show the way forward: that of rejecting the submission to the dogma and its most destructive avatars for our respective peoples.

Is it in France's interest to remain in the European Union, and in your opinion, is the European Union in crisis? What is your concept and vision of Europe?

The migration policy of migrants shows how solidarity between member states is a chimera and the structural inefficiency of the European system. European diplomacy is non-existent in the absence of harmony between the aspirations of the 28. So our states are in a position of subordinates which greatly weakens them in the eyes of third states, for example turkey. For example, the Turkish government appears in a position of force to dictate its law to the European States by using migrants as a weapon of massive destabilization of our continent. The same procedure applies in the economic field: Brussels is constantly showing authoritarianism in relation to the budgets of the member states but accepts all the of free trade by the United States. As for the Europe of defence, it is a veritable fiasco that makes nato happy. In This, I support the serbs who are mobilizing to safeguard their independence and not become a pawn in Washington.
The European Union is in a permanent crisis because it is an undemocratic structure and there is no European people, even though we have common values. That is why the interests of each state are based on the return to sovereignty and borders. This does not mean the rise of walls between Europeans but cooperation in respect of National Diversity: a Europe of nations where every government can work freely without the demands of a technocratic body that will disregarding the aspirations of our peoples. When the national front will accede to the presidency of the Republic, it will be proposed to the French, by referendum, that the European Union should be released in the event of a renegotiation of the treaties on the model of what is currently being done in the United Kingdom.

The Christian identity of Europe was attacked from the inside by circles of the liberal left, and from the outside by Muslim fundamentalism. How can the Christian religion and the national identity of the peoples of Europe be preserved? Do you think we would need closer collaboration between not only the eurosceptic parties, such as the national front, the Austrian freedom party, the Italian party the Northern League, but also the political powers of the Orthodox countries, sharing the same opinions, especially those of Russia?

Christianity is not a mere close of identity in Europe, it is the foundation itself.
The Founding Act of the creation of Russia or France is the baptism of their prince. In Serbia the construction of the first serbian state goes hand in hand with the of the country. Until The Renaissance, Europe is called Christianity. With regard to the threats against Europe, they are those you quote, the left-wing liberalism that destroys traditional societies and Islamic fundamentalism which unfortunately the western powers have repeatedly. Indeed, cooperation against this double threat must go beyond the framework of the European Union. This is the spirit of the common text published after the meeting between Pope Francis and patriarch kirill. The National front regularly exchanges with the United Russia party that is currently in power in Russia, as we share the same values on most social and political issues.

Speaking of Russia, what do you think of Vladimir Putin's role today in the world, a country that is quite demonized in the western media? Should the relations between Russia and France be better, given the fact that Paris and Moscow were allies in two world wars?

The French historian and demographer, Emmanuel Todd wrote in 2002 in his book "after the empire" that Russia eventually became a pole of stability in the world. The vastness of its territory, its resources and its population make any expansionist will unlikely. This is what we are seeing today in Syria, contrary to what the western media say. As far as the Franco-Russian bilateral relationship is concerned, it is indeed necessary not only for our two countries but for the stability of Europe. Russia and France will be the central parts in the post-NATO security system that we want to put in place. It is useful to recall that the Russian alliance has, of course, always been saving for France during the two world wars. More recently, I would like to recall that the minsk agreements on Ukraine, which form the reference text to resolve the conflict, are the result of collaboration between Paris, Moscow and Berlin. This proves that the great European powers are able to cooperate when no extra-European power comes into interference.

There is also a great alliance and a great friendship since the first world war between France and Serbia. Today's political France seems to not want to remember this friendship, because in the 1990 s it had introduced sanctions and took part in the bombing of Serbia. The Serbs are not of course innocent of any fault, they have their degree of responsibility, but they are not the only ones responsible in the balkans. Do you recognize this Franco-Serbian friendship that is now repressed and which should be revived by reminding us of our heroes of the great war of the expedition of thessaloniki?

Serbia is the great ally of France in the balkans. The loss of sovereignty that we have been experiencing for 25 years has had very serious consequences for France and unfortunately for our traditional allies. The bombing of 1999 is a very serious mistake, especially since they are totally contrary to international law, as is the recognition of kosovo that is contrary to United Nations Resolution 1244 The return of French sovereignty under the government of the national front will result in the establishment of a new security system in Europe, the restoration of traditional alliances, the Franco-Serbian relationship of which is of course a part, and the strict application of the International law in relations between states.

When you meet French Patriots, and especially when the one with the patriotic ideas of the great french nation is a beautiful, determined woman like you, then memories arise from the great French and Christian Heroine, Joan of arc. To what extent is the memory and myth of Joan of arc important to the french identity, and does the young French generations have enough knowledge about her?

Joan of arc brings together among the most beautiful attributes of the French Soul :, courage, National Pride, the desire for freedom. If our political movement resumes the myth of the "Maiden" of orléans, it is because he tries to revive the national flame that crackling in the hearts of each of our compatriots. Indeed, the qualities of this historic figure are those that will allow our nation to regain its stature that decades of submission to the us, the European Union and international major finance have seriously hurt. Joan of arc is from this mystique which is not the property of a clan or a party, but on the contrary, which should be a model, a reference for all people who are trying to make France its rank of Prestige and influence. In addition, the Catholic figure of Joan of arc recalls that two centuries of the republic cannot erase a thousand years of Christianity but that, on the contrary, the republic must preserve this millennium heritage that has shaped customs, landscapes, an art of living so typical French.
The people of France are fond of history, like to study the great epics of his ancestors. However, the teaching of his works is now summarizes to the lesser noble, Joan of arc herself being portrayed as a character. Joan of arc is a landmark for young French in a globalisation under American cultural domination that causes them to lose any notion of identity and roots. However, the French youth can be fully in Joan of arc because, like her, our youth is beautiful and rebellious!

And for the end, could you reveal the secret of the charisma of the family le pen? To what extent this political heritage is important to you, what have you accepted from the vision of your grandfather, the founder of the national front, Mr Jean Marie Le Pen, and what have you adopted opinions and policy of your Aunt, Mrs. Marine Le Pen, President of the party?

Thank you for giving us this charisma. There is no secret if it is the unconditional love of our people and our country. My grandfather has the immense merit of having worn for decades, alone against all, the patriotic and national ideas that for a long time were considered lame or bad. He is a talented tribune and a very cultured man, as there is less and less in French politics. We owe it much to him in terms of ideas, including the defence of an Atlantic Europe in the urals. Marine le pen courageously resumed the torch by modernising the image of the movement, it took us to the summit by making it more visible to our economic and social agenda and always rejecting excesses and provocation.


Geopolitika No. 96, March 2016